Norse Creation Myth: A poem for young ones

Listen children

To the stories told

Of how the world got started

In the days of old.

Before there ever was

Any worldly thing,

There was Muspelheim, Ginnungagap,

And Niflheim from frozen spring.

In Muspelheim lived Surt

The oldest being of all,

Whose flaming sword waving

Set Niflheim to thaw.

From the melting Niflheim

An Ice giant appeared.

Father of the Jotun,

Whose name was Ymir.

While he slept he had three children

The giants we know now,

And he and the children were all fed

By the milk of a cow.

This very first cow

Who was big and round,

While Ymir drank her milk,

She licked at the ground.

As she licked the brimstone

She found a tuft of hair.

After a few more days of doing this,

She found another person there.

This man’s name was Buri,

And he had children too.

And his children also had children

Who lead to me and you.

He had a grandson named Odin

Who called his brothers near.

And together these three young gods

Went out and killed Ymir.

Then the body of Ymir

Into Ginnungagap was hurled.

And with the pieces of his body,

The three gods made the world.

His blood became the ocean.

The rocks came from teeth and bone.

His hair became the forest and trees.

Every part of him made our home.

Then Odin and his brothers

Went walking by the waters.

When suddenly they found two trees and thought,

“Let’s make human sons and daughters”

So they carved the trees into people,

A woman and a man.

Carving every little detail,

To the fingerprints in their hands.

Then Odin breathed into them

So they could breathe now too.

Then one brother gave them life’s blood,

And the other made them move.

So those two trees they carved,

Became the first couple, husband and wife.

And that is how Ymir’s death,

Gave the rest of this world life.

So when you walk in nature,

Be careful what you do,

Because you are part of that nature,

And it is part of you.


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